Thermal Insulation

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Dow® Styrofoam™ XPS PIB Billets

XPS Thermal Insulation Billets

Dow® Styrofoam™ XPS PIB is a closed-cell thermal plastic, void free, seamless foam insulation billet designed for mechanical fabrication design and manufacturing.

Styrofoam™ XPS PIB Billets are designed specifically for ease of fabrication. The billets are seamless and cell structure is designed for both shop fabrication and field adjustment. Styrofoam™ can easily be cut and formed in the field with an insulation knife. Specialty valves, fittings, and many other technical components should be manufactured by a fabricator. Polyguard Products has developed detailed installation guidelines to assist design and installation of Styrofoam™ XPS PIB.

Styrofoam™ XPS PIB products are sold through Polyguard to an extensive fabricator network. For more information call Polyguard at 214-515-5000.



Dow® Styrofoam™ XPS PIB Features & Benefits

  • Blue Brand Recognition
  • Sold through reputable fabricator network
  • Seamless Billets / No glue lines in billet
  • Low friability
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Low permeability
  • Great long term R-Value
  • 3 Standard Sizes

Cutting Phenolic Buns

Polyguard PolyPhen® Insulation

PolyPhen™ Thermal Insulation Fittings, Elbows, and T'sThe Polyguard PolyPhen® thermal insulation is one component in our PolyPhen® system including a range of rigid foam insulation densities designed for piping systems, tanks, vessels and ductwork in commercial and industrial applications.

The PolyPhen® rigid foam insulation products, have thermal conductivities from 0.15-.22 Btu in/hr ft2  and can be used to insulate surfaces operating within the temperature range of -290°F to +250°F (-180°C to + 120°C), and is manufactured to provide optimum thermal performance and flame resistance, low smoke emissions, environmental safety, and efficient cost.

PolyPhen® Features & Benefits

  • Quality closed cell, efficient insulation
  • Accurately fabricated, tight fitting insulation
  • Firmly butted and sealed offset joints
  • Vapor stops as needed
  • Continuous, sealed zero-perm vapor barrier
  • Mechanical and weather cladding





Polyguard's Mechanical product line also features the RG-2400® of corrosion gels; stop and prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). Alumaguard® Weatherproof Jacketing & Cladding Products, and Dow® Styrofoam XPS PIB.